About Us

With a master’s degree in Psychology, Dick J. A is a Certified Relationship Coach. I am an article writer and a blogger who understand the main challenges of masculine and feminine energies necessary for success in relationships and dating. 

Through my writing, I assist people in attracting love into their lives. Whether for many years you have been single or you are just recently single, I can assist you in attracting any type of man or woman, you will also recognize love.  

Whether it is with the woman or man you are already with, if it is someone you are yet to meet, I will assist you in allowing it to become all you have been dreamed of! 

Are you in a relationship that is heading nowhere? I will assist you in permanently turning around your love life.  

You will be surprised at how fun it is to attract love as well as the right type of man in your life. For all your blog posts on the hookup app, please contact me through the website